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If you’re in search of Heavy Duty Truck Towing in Solvang California, look no further than Smitty’s Towing!

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Heavy Duty Truck Towing in Solvang California

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At Smitty’s Towing, our team handles every vehicle with care. Rest assured knowing that you’re in great hands when you call us for help. Whether you need service in the morning, afternoon, or at night, our team is here on standby, ready to help when you call! Smitty’s Towing strives to provide all of our customers with excellent service, and hope to the first company you call when you’re in need of Heavy Duty Truck Towing in Solvang California or any of our other services for your vehicle.

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Serving Solvang California and surrounding areas!

We’re proud to serve residents and visitors to the Solvang California community and its surrounding areas.

Solvang (; Danish for ‘”sunny field”‘) is a city in Santa Barbara County, California. It is located in the Santa Ynez Valley. The population was 6,126 at the 2020 census, up from 5,245 at the 2010 census. Solvang was founded in 1911 and incorporated as a city upon May 1, 1985. Solvang is often dubbed “The Danish Capital of America”.

Solvang’s origins date encourage to 1804, when Mission Santa Inés was founded by the Spanish below Esteban Tápis. A little community grew up nearly the mission called Santa Inés during the Mexican period, but it was largely unaccompanied after the American Conquest of California. In 1911, a new agreement was founded going on for the mission by a outfit of Danish-Americans who purchased 9,000 acres (3,600 ha) of the surrounding Rancho San Carlos de Jonata, to assert a Danish community in the distance from Midwestern winters. The community took upon its distinctive Danish-themed architecture initiation in 1947 and has previously become a prominent tourist destination. Though only more or less 10% of residents in the 21st century are Danish, the town attracts many tourists from the Nordic countries, and has been the subject of several Danish royal visits, most recently by Prince Henrik in 2011.

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